Kerry Pike's "the Bog" sports field Co Cork Ireland. via CorkCamera.Com by Karl Grabe
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2011-05-19 13.41.30 IMG_0374 IMG_0375 IMG_0376 IMG_0378 back of old school
2011-05-19 13.41.30.jpg IMG_0374.jpg IMG_0375.jpg IMG_0376.jpg IMG_0378 back of old school.jpg
KG160054 KG160056 KG160057 KG160060 back of old school kerry pike KG160062
KG160054.jpg KG160056.jpg KG160057.jpg KG160060 back of old school kerry pike.jpg KG160062.jpg
KG160063 KG160064 KG160065 KG160066 KG160067
KG160063.jpg KG160064.jpg KG160065.jpg KG160066.jpg KG160067.jpg