Kerry Pike road to Blarney via Blarney Lake. Co Cork Ireland. Twin Lime Kilns via CorkCamera.Com by Karl Grabe
Photos taken mostly in 2008
Copyright Karl Grabe 2013 - please do not upload elsewhere, instead share the link to this page.
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DSC00027 DSC00028 DSC00031 DSC00032 disused farm nr blarney lake DSC00033
DSC00027.jpg DSC00028.jpg DSC00031.jpg DSC00032 disused farm nr blarney lake.jpg DSC00033.jpg
DSC00035 DSC00037 Twin Lime Kiln Blarney Cork IMG_2004 frozen blarney lake IMG_2006 lake road to blarney IMG_2724 blarney lake snow
DSC00035.jpg DSC00037 Twin Lime Kiln Blarney Cork.jpg IMG_2004 frozen blarney lake.jpg IMG_2006 lake road to blarney.jpg IMG_2724 blarney lake snow.jpg
KG059797 KG180014 Frozen Blarney Lake KG230506 KG230513 River Shournagh Blarney Cork KG230516
KG059797.jpg KG180014 Frozen Blarney Lake.jpg KG230506.jpg KG230513 River Shournagh Blarney Cork.jpg KG230516.jpg