Healy's Bridge to RockLodge Co Cork Ireland.
KerryPike.info via CorkCamera.Com by Karl Grabe
photos mostly 2008
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KG090723 KG090726 KG090731 KG090735 KG090738
KG090723.jpg KG090726.jpg KG090731.jpg KG090735.jpg KG090738.jpg
KG090742 KG090744 junction at Healys Bridge KG090747 KG090750 KG110815
KG090742.jpg KG090744 junction at Healys Bridge.jpg KG090747.jpg KG090750.jpg KG110815.jpg
KG110816 KG110820 KG110843 KG110850 KG110851
KG110816.jpg KG110820.jpg KG110843.jpg KG110850.jpg KG110851.jpg